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Unleash your firepower with precision and style

Located at DMR Resort
77 S. Spring Creek Rd. Preston, ID 83263


At Day Mountain Ranch, we're committed to helping women learn the value of gun safety and handling, so they can feel safe and empowered. We provide a welcoming and supportive environment for women to improve their marksmanship, learn safety tips, and gain confidence. We host women's events, training sessions, and women's only open-range sessions, where women can shoot without fear of judgment. Shooting can also be a great stress reliever, and we encourage women to come and let off some steam. Join us at Day Mountain Ranch and discover the many benefits of shooting sports!



At Day Mountain Ranch, we believe in empowering women to take control of their own safety and well-being. Our classes and events are designed to help women develop the skills and confidence they need to handle firearms safely and effectively.

Upcoming Women's Events

No upcoming events at the moment

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Last weekend I attended their women’s gun retreat. Doug and Drew gave a very informative seminar on gun safety, care, and shooting. Their shooting range is state of the art and facilities are super clean and well outfitted. 

Lisa Jones - Guest

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