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About DMR Gun & Knife Works

The DMR Gun Club is being organized under the direction and oversight of DMR Gun and Knife Works (DMR GKW), located at the DMR resort, located outside of Preston, Franklin County Idaho off Cub River Road near the Cache National Forrest. 


Members of DMR Gun Club and all Guests are to understand that use of the facility must be scheduled with DMR GKW so shooting activities and events do not conflict with or otherwise interfere with the Primary Function, Operation and Use of Day Mountain Ranch and Resort (DMR), including its use of the Ranges. Permission to use the facility must be scheduled for each use and permission expressly provided by DMR GKW. A Calendar will be used to help notify when there are Club range dates and times.

Objectives of the Club:

  • Provide opportunities to shoot for individuals, families and groups 

  • Encourage safe firearm use

  • Host shooting Events and Matches (other than those hosted by DMR)

  • Increase individual shooting skills and safety 

  • Outreach to Youth and Community to teach and reinforce safe and responsible firearms handling

  • Maintain and Improve the DMR Ranges for the above Objectives while ensuring Club does not interfere with Resort Guests and Operations

  • Support local Law Enforcement by hosting local officials to train at the range


Non-member Information

Our range is NOT open to the public. All non-members must be accompanied by a club member to use our range during scheduled open-range times. Are you interested in becoming a DMR Gun Club Member? 

All range time & use is to be scheduled with DMR Gun & Knife Works. There are no "drop-ins" unless it is during a scheduled open range time.

  •  All participants & guests must sign a waiver and adhere to all rules & regulations of DMR and the range

  •  We have ammo (common calibers), targets, equipment & guns for sale

  •  All participants are to pick up own brass and clean up targets & trash

  •  Bring your own ear & eye protection unless you'd like to rent/buy from us

  •  You can use your own guns, ammo, and paper targets (rental guns must use our ammo). 

  •  No glass, junk, or other temporary targets to tbe used at the range

  •  No armor piercing, green tip, or incendiary ammo allowed

  •  Only use rimfire on designated rimfire targets

Our Mission

DMR Gun Club is a Member Involved Group:

In order to keep costs low and enable the Club Objectives, the DMR Gun Club is a Volunteer group. RSO’s and other Organizers, Assistants, etc. are NOT PAID for Club Shooting times, events, use, etc. DMR Gun Club Member Fees, Daily Range Fees, Event Fees, etc. are paid to DMR Gun and Knife Works for use of the facility under the terms and Rules of the Club and facility.


Therefore, all Members are required to volunteer their personal time for all things related to Club use and activities as well as range Improvements and maintenance. If the Club Members do not keep the Ranges clean and maintained, DMR GKW will restrict or eliminate facility access to Club Members and Guests. 


Note that DMR events may have paid instructors or staff for events and classes that are organized and sponsored by Day Mountain Ranch & Resort (DMR) and/or DMR Gun and Knife Works (DMR GKW) but all DMR Gun Club use or Club Sponsored events are strictly volunteer based.

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