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Private Training for Groups and Businesses

We offer Private Training for Groups of all sizes. Schedule your Corporate Retreat, Family Reunion or Group to have Private Training for Long Range Rifle Skills, Handgun Training or other shooting sport activities. Whether you are staying at the Resort or not, you can schedule your group to use our private facility. We have Match Grade Range Guns for the classes and our instructors will help you gain proficiency with Rifle or Handgun skills. Master your shooting skills like you have never done before!


We offer a full range of skills training. We have training for all levels of students from beginners to advanced level skills, including better use of scopes,  ballistic calculators, calling wind, stabilizing your shot, etc.  Our classes are designed to provide our clients with the knowledge and skills they need to become confident and proficient shooters.

- Handgun Training

- Tactical Training

- Long Range Rifle Training

- Positional Shooting Skills

- Women's Handgun Training

- NRA Certified Training (including RSO, handgun defense, etc. available)

Training ranges from 3 hours to Multi-Day Training Courses tailored to your group.

Basic Classes start at $120 per person (3 hours)

Full-Day Training starts at $250 per person (lunch included)

Specialty Instructors available at an additional cost (Advanced ELR, Tactical, etc.)

Cost Includes:

    - Rifles for long-range shooting (match grade rifles)

    - Ear Protection

    - All shooting equipment

    - Lunch for full-day classes

    (Ammo is provided at an extra cost)



Thank you again for such a great weekend. We will be back for another shoot. But, we plan on staying 2-3 days before the match and a couple days after to really be able to enjoy your amazing property.

Last weekend I attended their women’s gun retreat. Doug and Drew gave a very informative seminar on gun safety, care, and shooting. Their shooting range is state of the art and facilities are super clean and well outfitted. 

DMR Gun Club Matches & Events

DMR Gun Club matches & events will be posted on our PractiScore page. Click the link below

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