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Club Membership Rules

** Membership fee is Annual. Renewals at the adjusted rate at the time of renewing **

GUESTS OF MEMBERS $15 PER DAY (must be accompanied by Member)

Membership Benefits:
- No Range fees for Members (included in membership fee)
- Open range times for Members & their guests (guest pays a fee as above)
- Discounts on Classes, Events and Training
- Discounts on ammo, guns, accessories, and services (typically 5%+ off standard prices, some firearm discounts may be restricted)
- One (1) free guest pass per month included per Primary Member
- Free NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Certification (based upon class availability; NRA fees and materials are not waived) NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Certification is strongly recommended (an RSO must be on the range when anyone is shooting). Certified RSO’s have additional privileges.
- Free FFL transfers

Membership Requirements:
- At least one existing Member must sponsor new Members
- Must demonstrate safe handling of firearms and safety
- Volunteer a minimum of 2 hours/month for maintenance or RSO/Assistant time for general open range time, or classes.
- New and Renewing Members must be approved by DMR Gun and Knife Works
- Annual Fee with signed Membership Agreement (at the annual rate when starting and renewing membership)
- Attend and Participate in Club Meetings and Events (minimum of 2 per year)

DMR Gun Club Organization

The DMR Gun Club is being organized under the direction and oversight of DMR Gun and Knife Works (DMR GKW), located at the DMR resort, located outside of Preston, Franklin County Idaho off Cub River Road near the Cache National Forrest.


Members of DMR Gun Club and all Guests are to understand that use of the facility must be scheduled with DMR GKW so shooting activities and events do not conflict with or otherwise interfere with the Primary Function, Operation and Use of Day Mountain Ranch and Resort (DMR), including its use of the Ranges. Permission to use the facility must be scheduled for each use and permission expressly provided by DMR GKW. A Calendar will be used to help notify when there are Club range dates and times.



  • Provide opportunities to shoot for individuals, families, and groups

  • Encourage safe firearm use

  • Host shooting Events and Matches (other than those hosted by DMR)

  • Increase individual shooting skills and safety

  • Outreach to Youth and Community to teach and reinforce safe and responsible firearms handling

  • Maintain and Improve the DMR Ranges for the above Objectives while ensuring Club does not interfere with Resort Guests and Operations

  • Support local Law Enforcement by hosting local officials to train at the range



In order to keep costs low and enable the Club Objectives, the DMR Gun Club is a Volunteer group. RSO’s and other Organizers, Assistants, etc. are NOT PAID for Club Shooting times, events, use, etc. DMR Gun Club Member Fees, Daily Range Fees, Event Fees, etc. are paid to DMR Gun and Knife Works for use of the facility under the terms and Rules of the Club and facility.


Therefore, all Members are asked to volunteer their personal time for all things related to Club use and activities as well as basic range Improvements and maintenance. If the Club Members do not keep the Ranges clean and maintained, DMR GKW will restrict or eliminate
facility access to Club Members and Guests.


Note that DMR events may have paid instructors or staff for events and classes that are organized and sponsored by Day Mountain Ranch & Resort (DMR) and/or DMR Gun and Knife Works (DMR GKW) but all DMR Gun Club use or Club Sponsored events are strictly volunteer based.




When a Primary Member adds a spouse or minor child, cost to add is for whatever remaining period of Primary Member (i.e, no pro-rating cost for added person and renewal will be at time of Primary Member)

- Club Membership does not include or represent any ownership or control interest in any entity, the DMR range, ranch or store. Membership only includes actual listed Membership Benefits. Membership does not give the ability to set rules.

- If the range is unable to be used for any reason, other than typical scheduling restrictions (including but limited to local, state or Federal restrictions, insurance, staffing availability or other unforeseen or unexpected reason), Membership access and range use will be frozen until the range is unrestricted. If the range is shut down permanently for any reason, the Club Membership will cease and any

paid fees will be non-refundable.

- Steel targets, barricades and props may be used by the Club but are to be maintained and put away after each use. All other equipment and consumables, including but limited to guns, scopes, tripods, paper targets, etc., are NOT for Club use.

- Membership does not provide any Access to the Resort or Ranch other than the Designated Gun Range and limited to all restrictions. Range Access is only available for Scheduled Range Times and are Strictly Limited.

- Use of the Extreme Long Distance targets at the back of the Ranch is limited and requires qualifying at distance, additional volunteer time and must be scheduled for safety and use.

- Members recognize that the Range is located at and part of DMR Ranch and Resort and Range use is limited and subject to Resort events and Resort Guest use as well as DMR Gun and Knife Works Events and classes that get scheduled. Therefore, Member Range Time will vary and be limited. DMR will make reasonable efforts to inform Members of available Range Times.

- Membership is non-transferable.

- Membership may be revoked for not following the range SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), breaking rules, not abiding by facility requirements, theft, vandalism, disrespect of others, bad behavior, safety violations, etc. and at the sole discretion of DMR. If Membership is revoked, any paid fees are non-refundable.


- Members are expected to take all due precautions for Safety and Fire danger.

- Guest passes cannot be saved month to month (use or lose).

- Discounts may be limited depending upon items/services


- No discounts on specials or otherwise discounted items/services


- All members are expected to be Range Assistants when at the Range and enforce all safety rules and requirements with themselves and others, including fire safety.


- Subject to change without notice. If any provision in this Agreement that is ruled unenforceable, all other provisions in this Agreement are fully enforceable.


- NO HUNTING PRIVILEGES: Membership does not include any hunting privileges at DMR. Further, if animals are on the range, all shooting must immediately cease. Further, leading up to and throughout big game hunting season, Range use will be strictly limited as there will be paid DMR Guests who will be hunting game at the Ranch.

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